Journaling Your Way to a Healthy Life

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There are several types of journals which can help you manage your health and life more effectively. You can use a simple notebook or your computer in recording your journal. Some people find writing their journal with their own penmanship more satisfying. Others use the computer because it is a more modern approach and it can provide them with entries and videos for their journal. Choose the method which you find more enjoyable to record your journal to a healthy and happy life.

Keeping a Health History Journal

You can keep a health journal to keep track of your health. You can write on it your health history. These are your past sicknesses, hospitalizations, surgeries, medications, etc. and the dates when they happened. The best source of this information is your doctor's medical record about you. After you have written your past health history, you should update your journal with the current health information about yourself. You can also record your family's medical history which can help you avoid the diseases that run in your family. You can bring this health journal with you when you visit your physician. This can help in having a better coordination with him in the treatment of your illness.

Keeping a Diet Journal

A diet journal will help you maintain your proper weight and help you choose the right nourishment that you need. It will help you monitor the amount and quality of the food that you eat. Write down your opinions and feelings concerning the food that you take. You should also record the reaction of your body to these foods.

Keeping a Life Management Skills Journal

Stress and depression are major causes of illness. A life management skills journal can help you in remedying these conditions through planning and organizing your life. Write down the area of your life that you want to improve, such as your family life, career, health, etc. Write down the ways which you can improve it. Write down how well you coped with the events of the day and what you can do to correct the mistakes that you might have committed. This can help you in improving yourself by understanding more your weaknesses and strengths.

Keeping an Inspirational Journal

An inspirational journal will help you to have a happier disposition in life. Write down the events and people that contributed good influences in your life. Write down those blessings which you receive each day, whether big or small. Recording happy memories will provide you with joy and consolation. This can alleviate stress which is a cause of your many health problems.

The fast pace of life would sometimes hinder you from recording what are essential in your life. Finding the time to keep a journal, whether for your physical or spiritual wellness, helps you to achieve a better perspective in life, thus creating for you a happier and healthier existence.

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Journaling Your Way to a Healthy Life

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This article was published on 2010/10/18